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«Если долго всматриваться в бездну — бездна начнёт всматриваться в тебя» © Ницше

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Gerasimov fractal. Fractals in prime numbers.
Gerasimov fractal

I found this fractal, when I watched the interference of waves on the surface of the river. The wave is moving to the coast, and is reflected imposed on itself. Is there a specific order in those patterns that are created by waves? Let us try to find it. Consider not the entire wave, and the only vector of the motion. We will make the coast smooth for ease of experimentation.

Gerasimov fractal

The experiment can be carried out on a piece of paper or using a JavaScript-implementation of the algorithm

Gerasimov fractal

Fractal on habrahabr.ru: Gerasimov algorithm
About fractal: xcont.com

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Доброй Пятницы....

Англицкая копия - для англоязычных пользователей. :)

(Deleted comment)
Никогда бы не подумал про такое!!!

Красным отмечено для красоты или это какое-то отдельное состояние?

Не для красоты, а для наглядности.

Thanks, great post! The habrahabr's original (is it yours?) made me happy, because, citing: "Chaos – is order too. With its own consistent patterns. This order is not researched, but it is researchable". Alas, English-speakers, you need to know Russian to read the entirety of the article on Habrahabr.

Какие красивые алгоритмы:)

К чужим словам и абстрактным фактам отношусь без уважения и почитания. В человека люблю только его самого, а не всякую одежку или макияж.

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